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magnetic. freestyle. wraps.

Magnoodle - Magnetic Freestyle Wraps.


Discover the magic of Magnoodle and journey into an infinite world of style, colors, patterns, textures, shapes, and designs created by you!


Everything is possible and nothing is an obstacle in the world of Magnoodle….more than just a fashion accessory, its playable artwear.  


Inspired by the radiant connections we experience throughout life, Magnoodle is an alliance of magnetic forces and the infinite possibilities of imagination, expression and style.


Magnoodle comes in a spectrum of colors that can be worn alone or combined into infinite design combinations and heralds the dawn of DIY, on the fly, freestyle looks in which the wearer is in control of their own fashion expression.


You can wrap, twist, shape, link or create code play…..the ideas, styles and adornment looks are only limited to your imagination.  Collect and trade colors, or use bundles of noodles for design décor fun!    

Let’s Educate Children!


Our vision is to develop a new category within Jewelry called, Magnetic Freestyle Artwear that you proudly wear and collect because it is more than just a fashion accessory.  Magnoodle is also a symbol of “community” committed to supporting a world with greater educational opportunity for all.  


We donate to Pencil of Promise (PoP) and for every Magnoodle sold a child gets 2 days of education.  Together with PoP we believe it is every person’s right to have a quality education. PoP was founded by Adam Braun in 2008 and recently they built their 100th school!  


Your support means so much and you can find more about Pencils of Promise on our ABOUT page.

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For Every Magnoodle Sold a Child gets 2 Days of Education.

                   We Have Provided 57,932 Days of Education!